The Team

We are a group of technologists who have worked together for over a decade. Our collective history has:
• influenced the world of mobile by bringing over a billion users to mobile applications
• led the digital transformation revolution for Enterprises by leading the journey with over half of the Fortune 100
• modernized the automotive industry by creating the world’s leading connected vehicle platform used by millions of vehicles

Amar Varma

Cofounder & CEO

Amar is a storied entrepreneur. After a degree in Engineering from Waterloo, Amar ventured to Silicon Valley and worked in the semiconductor industry where he worked on transformative products including the PC graphics card and the USB1.0 interface. After stints at both public and private companies, Amar joined a VC firm where his passion for entrepreneurship blossomed.  Since then, Amar has gone on to fund dozens of companies while also founding a number of companies including: Xtreme Labs (acquired by VMWare/Pivotal (NYSE:VMW)), Hatch Labs (parent company of Tinder acquired by Interactive Corp (NASDAQ: IAC)), and Autonomic (acquired by Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F)).

At Ten Key Labs, Amar intends to translate his over two decades of experience in Funding and Founding private companies into a trusted business operating system for Founders Operators.

Dwayne - Cofounder & CTO headshot

Dwayne Forde

Cofounder & CTO

Dwayne comes from VMware/Pivotal where he led engineering organizations and was responsible for the technical success, hiring, evangelism, and communication of platforms. His background is in full stack development which includes the frontend, backend, and mobile, as well as architectural design on bare metal and in the cloud.

His efforts and leadership were instrumental to the acquisition of Xtreme Labs by VMWare/Pivotal (NYSE:VMW). In a previous role, Dwayne led award-winning software development specializing in mobile strategy for the world’s most important brands. Dwayne has worked with the automotive, entertainment, telecom, sports, and other industries to deploy solutions in a highly interactive and compelling manner.